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A thousand words....

There's a popular website called Weather Underground, where users share photos of meteorological events. Most of the time it's something extraordinary, or intended to be: a tornado or a blizzard or a wall of water crashing onto a boardwalk during the latest storm of the century. 


But a lot of the time, users simply post pictures they've taken of everyday sights: a hazy morning in Terre Haute, for instance, or a purple evening in Richmond, and these - to me - are far more compelling. They may not win awards, may not evince an eye for composition or suggest even the random luck of being in the right place at the right time, but seemingly ordinary snapshots can punctuate a time and place, lend star quality to everyday moments.​


That being said, none of this is intended to be taken too seriously. I'm not a photographer by trade, or even one in my spare time. The equipment I use hardly qualifies me as a hobbyist. 'Shutterbug' might even be a stretch. I just like the thought of sharing the path I've taken. ​


NOTE: The only processing these photos undergo is a bump in contrast, as needed. People can take them for what they will, or not take them at all.


Photos © Jared M. Glovsky

All rights reserved.







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